Welcome to my travel blog! Click around for city profiles, travel hacks, itineraries, budgeting tips, packing info, female solo travel, etc.

These posts are my best attempt in sharing my adventures with you while helping in any capacity possible. I’m a grad student with a love for exploring and learning. Writing is my best form of communication. I aim to provide realistic, simple itineraries as well as travel inspiration and tips. You’ll also find city profiles, travel hacks, budgeting and packing info, female solo travel, etc.  As a working student with a thin wallet, I take into account every euro I’m spending so I set a 300 euro budget for every trip (including airfare and accommodation). You’re encouraged to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or comments. I’d love to connect with you.

I’ll update as I continue to make my way around Europe and beyond. As always, thanks for reading. If you’re feelin’ what I’m throwin’ at ya, sign up to follow my adventures on my contact page.

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