In a city littered with bars and cafes, choosing the right one could be considered a form of art. Of course, there are many factors that ultimately affect your decision: time, location, prices, the amount of people with whom you’re eating, etc. That’s the beauty of Italy, though. You have the luxury of finding the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a coffee break (and the good news is, it’s likely right around the corner).

Tucked into a buzzing street in the heart of Milan is Scriptorium Cafe, a charming restaurant near the historic Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Thus, the cafe sees its fair share of students every day. A simple look at their Facebook page or TripAdvisor reviews will tell you it’s a favorite among locals, and the tourists that find it seem to enjoy it just as much as the Milanese people. So what makes this place such a hot spot for repeat customers? Let’s take a look.


QUALITY FOOD AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Scriptorium’s specialties lie in their wide variety of sandwiches and their hearty, filling salads (a rarity at many restaurants in Milan). The best part? You can expect a filling meal without dishing out more than eight euros for a plate full of fresh, quality food. Their menu offers plenty of starters and drink/coffee selections as well to round off your lunch of dinner. I recommend their version of the club sandwich – don’t expect a classic version of this traditional lunch favorite – followed by one of their many coffee options. Each item on their menu is cleverly named after a famous author, artist, scholar, or a historic piece of literature or art. I mean, who doesn’t want to order a trio of sandwiches named after Dante’s Divine Comedy?

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Aside from the fact that Scriptorium Cafe is so conveniently placed next to a large and prominent Italian university, it’s central location in the heart of Milan makes it easily accessible by foot or by public transit. We’re talking prime real estate, folks. Via Sant’ Agnese (12), Scriptorium’s address, is centered between Cadorna (red, green metro lines) and Sant’ Ambroggio (green metro line). Likewise, there are plenty of trams stopping nearby, but it’s not far by foot from Piazza Duomo or Milan’s Castello so good weather allows for a nice walk to and from the cafe.

FRIENDLY STAFF. From the moment you walk into the cafe, the staff makes it a point to let you know they see you and they will serve you quickly. They’re welcoming, helpful, chatty, and efficient (another rarity in this city). Even during the hectic lunch hour, their small staff always finds a way to be present when necessary without interfering too much in your lunch date. Your food and coffee will without-a-doubt arrive promptly. Most servers speak English proficiently.

COZY ATMOSPHERE. The bright walls and three different levels of seating are warm and inviting, but not overwhelming. Scattered on the walls are vintage photographs and signs hanging frames, surrounding a giant, beautiful, antique mirror, which dominates your vision when you first enter the restaurant. However, it’s the shelves of books on every level that make this place comfortable and homey. Instead of rushing you out of the door when you’re finished eating, you’re invited to grab a book or two and enjoy the pleasure of good literature and good company.

FREE (RELIABLE) WI-FI. While free wi-fi is advertised at most cafes and bars around the city, it’s that ever-so-important word in parenthesis that does the trick. Even before and after normal meal times, you’ll see a handful of people sprinkled throughout Scriptorium Cafe on their laptops or tablets, productively working their day away in a charming, welcome atmosphere. As I said before, this is yet another reason you won’t see the staff rushing anyone to leave.

So there you have it: Five reason your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner date should be at Scriptorium Cafe. Stop by in the afternoon and you just might find me tucked into the lower level, sipping on a coffee and writing away. I’d love to say hi, and I’d hope to hear that your experience here has been just as lovely as mine.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

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